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Dark chocolate and candied ginger sablés (Korova cookies)

I admit that I forgot about these wonderful sables until my sis and my best friend started  separate yet simultaneous conversations about chocolate chip cookies this week. It seems that fate would have me bake up some of cookies, or … Continue reading

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Dark chocolate sorbet

I’ve been in a sorbet phase for the past couple of weeks. Made this intensely dark and rich chocolate sorbet, a huge contrast to the light and refreshing kiwi sorbet. I know that you will probably not believe me when … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s day!

YouTube sent me a notification a couple of days ago about my wedding video that I had previously uploaded. As I re-watched the video, I started to reminisce about the day J and I got married. That was one beautiful … Continue reading

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Chocolate lavender tart

It is just a day to Valentine’s day. I don’t really give any special meaning to a commercial day as such and I don’t expect a big bouquet of flowers or a big present from J. I think that the … Continue reading

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Homemade kiwi sorbet

I know it’s bitter cold in Europe (it’s indeed surreal to see the waterways and canels in Venice frozen!). Conversely, it’s maddeningly warm in Singapore. What’s with the weather these days? The best decision that I made all day was … Continue reading

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