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Of bite-size happiness: Lingonberry Thumbprints

Happiness is in a bite, specifically, a bite into these thumbprints. Take a bite into one of these thumbprints or better yet, pop an entire one into your mouth. This bite brings me to the days of my childhood where … Continue reading

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White beauties: Meringues

Meringues are such pretty things. Smooth, white, glossy, almost cloud-like and ethereal  and they can come in all shapes and sizes – Petite kisses-shaped ones look gorgeous beside a shot of espresso; even the cute blob is a beautiful mess … Continue reading

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Homemade yogurt: Pure goodness

I love starting my day with yogurt. A bowl of natural yogurt with a dollop of Manuka honey and a healthy dose of granola serves as my power breakfast. The familiar creaminess and slight tanginess jolts me up from my … Continue reading

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Pizza Saturday!

Pizza ranks very high on my family’s all-time favourite food.  There is little surprise in our love for pizza –  a crisp flatbread with a homemade tomato sauce, oozing mozzarella cheese  that has been broiled golden brown, together with all … Continue reading

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Apple and plum crumble, my comfort food

Everyone has his/her own comfort food – the food that you choose to tuck into because you have had a bad day at work, the food that reminds you of childhood or a particular memory. To sum it up, it’s … Continue reading

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