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Chocolate mendiants: How to temper chocolate

Even though chocolate mendiants are reminiscent of Christmas, I don’t see why we can’t indulge on them throughout the year. Mendiants translates to “beggar” in the French language. However, there is nothing meager or impoverished about these chocolate discs  studded … Continue reading

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Tart tartin

I’ve been a huge fan of Masterchef Australia since its first season. The first season was aired while I was still in Sydney. My school mates and I were hooked to the show and I remember streaming the episodes on … Continue reading

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“Instant” gratification: Gluten-free flourless orange chocolate cake

Attention all chocolate lovers: This chocolate-licious recipe is guaranteed to take the cake (pun intended). One, it hits you with its intensely rich chocolate flavour. Two, the cake is lusciously moist and it almost melts in your mouth. Three, the … Continue reading

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Apple and plum crumble, my comfort food

Everyone has his/her own comfort food – the food that you choose to tuck into because you have had a bad day at work, the food that reminds you of childhood or a particular memory. To sum it up, it’s … Continue reading

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Tarte aux fruits (fruit tart)

What better way to christen a new blog with a post on tarts! Tarte aux fruits is one of my favourite tarts of all time. Why? One can’t deny how gorgeous it looks – the vibrant colours of the seasons … Continue reading

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