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  1. Yvonne Santalucia says:

    Dear Jo
    I have just ‘lucked’ across your recipe for choux pastry – very timely as I am on a quest for the perfect profiterole! Before I get baking can you please clarify whether the eggs are weighed with or without shells (hopefully not a dumb question!), as I notice that the liquid content is a bit higher than previous recipes I have tried…..
    Thanks for blog, I will work my way through once I have perfected the choux puffs!
    Cheers for Australia

    • Hi Yvonne,

      no it’s not a dumb question. The eggs are weighed without the eggshells.

      Do note that the amount of eggs is a rough guide. Because it is dependent on a few factors including the environment and how long you have cooked your panade for etc..

      You need to add them slowly and not all at once.
      And once you reached a good consistency. You can stop adding the eggs. Or add more if you need to thin down the mixture for piping.

      Hope this helps!


  2. Yvonne Santalucia says:

    Thank you Jo for your speedy reply! When I sat down and looked carefully at the recipe, I figured it was ‘without shells’, but nice to hear from you just the same! Where are are you blogging from? (Please now cancel my email – thought you may not check blog everyday).
    Now I’m going to bake…….

  3. Stephanie Chow says:

    Hello Jo,

    Your profiterole recipe spreads all over the world.
    A super big thank you from Hong Kong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Stephanie 😉

  4. Ho says:

    Hi Jo,

    Great explanation and recipe! I did few times choux pastry previously and you remind me few steps that i should take note! 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Siti Umrah Boyadi says:

    Hi Jo, can share with me where exactly
    do you get the mediteranean
    rose petals for the cranberry rose biscuits?

  6. amanda tan says:

    hi do you take orders for your creations? please do!

  7. Sooli says:

    Really enjoy reading through your blog. Very details and easy to understand. Thanks Jo for sharing

  8. Neri says:

    Clear concise easy to follow recipe. I like much the rationale! Good job! Thanks!

  9. Fiona says:

    Chanced upon ur blog while searching for where to buy Madagascar vanilla extract. Great blog n def gonna be trying out some of ur recipes!

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