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Dark chocolate and pimenton macaron

Bet you took a double take when you saw the title. I wasn’t kidding about the pimenton in the macaron. It began on a gloomy and grey day that made me start to dream of chilli chocolate. I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Black Star Pastry’s strawberry and watermelon cake

Have you ever wanted to make something so badly just so that you can try it? That is the case for me and Black Star Pastry‘s strawberry and watermelon cake. The name of this cake would already leave heads spinning. … Continue reading

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Back to basics: How to make the perfect chiffon cake

Does it seem too daunting to bake a chiffon cake? You may have experienced unpleasant failures while attempting chiffon cakes. I have my fair share of failures as well. After much experimenting, I have baked chiffon cakes of different flavours … Continue reading

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Dark chocolate & hazelnut cake, a birthday cake

Most people who know my dad would find it terrible hard to buy him a gift. He’s just one of those who has everything he needs and no desire for extravagance. However, there are few things that he loves unreservedly … Continue reading

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