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Spiced chocolate and orange hot cross buns

Hot cross buns, Hot cross buns, One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns! I had this little ditty in my head while I was baking these hot cross buns. Hot cross buns is probably something you would only … Continue reading

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Hot cross buns – Paul Hollywood’s recipe

With Good Friday and Easter being a week away, I decided to start with my Easter baking with some hot cross buns. Growing up in Singapore meant that I hardly had the chance to go close to these buns. The … Continue reading

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Chocolate marble swirl bread (Tangzhong method)

I don’t usually bake Asian style breads because I love my crusty loaves. However, this slightly sweet, fluffy swirl bread is actually pretty good. For those of you who prefer a sweet, light and fluffy Asian style bread, I would … Continue reading

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Having freshly made homemade breads is such bliss. However, breads can take a awful long time to prepare even though a lot of the time is down time. Think about it: it takes about 3 hours or more just to … Continue reading

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Banana bread

I’ve never been a fan of bananas. They are overly sweet and mushy for my liking. I don’t even like banana desserts like banana chocolate cake. However, after being introduced to the banana bread in Sydney by my dear friend … Continue reading

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