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Homemade bak kwa bread

As you can probably tell, I’m in the hurry to finish up the Chinese New Year goodies in the house. After consuming 2kg of bak kwa (it’s a sweet savoury barbecued pork, think of it as the Chinese version of … Continue reading

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Smells like Christmas III: Panettone

J and I stumbled upon many paticcerrias selling pretty packages of panettones while we were in Italy in October. At that point, I thought that as much as the Italians (and the world) love their panettones, October seems a little … Continue reading

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Lofty daydreams and bagels

My memories of bagels dates back to the days I huddled under covers watching my favourite drama, Felicity. Since the drama is set in NYC, the characters are always eating a bagel or two and those assortment of bagels always … Continue reading

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To me, foccacia is the glorious celebration of rustic Italian food. The Italians eat this for breakfast, with lunch or a meal in itself and moments in-between. The dimpled olive oil-flavoured flatbread can be dappled with tomatoes, sea salt and … Continue reading

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