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Roasted peaches with flaxseed meal crumble

  I love it that stone fruits are in season. Peaches, apricots, cherries are some of my favourite fruits. Sadly, our climate in Singapore is unsuitable for growing these stone fruits or I would have a field day picking them. … Continue reading

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Blueberry almond crumble cake

  The weather here has been a little erratic – raining one moment and sunny the next. It is hard to make any concrete outdoor plans without preparing for possible disappointment. On the day when J and I were going … Continue reading

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Apple and plum crumble, my comfort food

Everyone has his/her own comfort food – the food that you choose to tuck into because you have had a bad day at work, the food that reminds you of childhood or a particular memory. To sum it up, it’s … Continue reading

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