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Happy Valentine’s day!

YouTube sent me a notification a couple of days ago about my wedding video that I had previously uploaded. As I re-watched the video, I started to reminisce about the day J and I got married. That was one beautiful … Continue reading

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Let me have my cake (walnuts) and eat it (them) too!

Just received these roasted Chinese walnuts from a friend in China. I was ecstatic! One thing you should know about me: I love nuts (of all kinds, except peanuts). These roasted Chinese walnuts are truly exceptional – the roasted, toasty … Continue reading

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Welcome to my world…

If I rule the world, my world would be a beautiful place. where there would be no hunger, no frozen and processed food… My world would be beaming with joy. Joy because there is freshly made food on the table, … Continue reading

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