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Matcha sablés

Hi everyone, I hope that 2016 has been treating you well right from the start. I’m sorry for my lengthy absence. I’ve still been busy in the kitchen but did not have the time to blog. These are some awesome … Continue reading

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Matcha and azuki bean swiss roll (green tea and red bean swiss roll)

I’m on a roll here (literally). I’ve been making so much of this particular matcha (green tea) swiss roll in the past month. While I’ve been trying to bake different things, this is the one thing that I keep going … Continue reading

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Matcha (green tea) madeleines

There’s just something particularly French about tea and those shell-shaped madeleines. Made famous by the French (in the Lorraine region) and Marcel Proust’s novel “In search of lost time” where he wrote about the “madeleine episode”, these shell-shaped cakes are … Continue reading

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Matcha chiffon cake

Matcha or green tea is one of my favourite flavours. It is an ingredient that I like using in my baking repertoire. As I usually bug my family and friends to buy matcha powder for me during their travels to … Continue reading

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Matcha and raspberry friands

There’s just something about matcha (Japanese green tea powder) that sings out to me. I love its flavour in my desserts and pastries. This time, it has found its way in one of my all time favourite afternoon tea snack … Continue reading

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