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Coffee and walnut cake

I have an unhealthy obsession that I’ve been trying to quit. I’ve been amassing far too many cookbooks that my bookshelves can take. While I’m an e-book covert and I’ve been reading fiction digitally, I still prefer my cookbooks in … Continue reading

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Dark chocolate and lavender madeleines

I’ve always loved lavender in food. I think it doesn’t get used quite enough. If you have been following my blog, you would probably realise that lavender makes its appearance from time to time. One of my all time favourite … Continue reading

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Matcha (green tea) madeleines

There’s just something particularly French about tea and those shell-shaped madeleines. Made famous by the French (in the Lorraine region) and Marcel Proust’s novel “In search of lost time” where he wrote about the “madeleine episode”, these shell-shaped cakes are … Continue reading

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Matcha and raspberry friands

There’s just something about matcha (Japanese green tea powder) that sings out to me. I love its flavour in my desserts and pastries. This time, it has found its way in one of my all time favourite afternoon tea snack … Continue reading

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Lavender and blueberry friands (financiers)

I have never tasted friands/financiers until my stay in Sydney. These tea cakes are so ubiquitous that they are virtually at every cafe in the city; they come in different shapes and sizes, sometimes they have an addition of chocolate … Continue reading

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