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Roasted peaches with flaxseed meal crumble

  I love it that stone fruits are in season. Peaches, apricots, cherries are some of my favourite fruits. Sadly, our climate in Singapore is unsuitable for growing these stone fruits or I would have a field day picking them. … Continue reading

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Upside down rhubarb cake

‘Tis the season for rhubarb. I’m welcoming it with wide open arms. I love its tartness and soft, pink coloured centers when you cook them down. While they look like red celery stalks, once cooked down in sugar, they break … Continue reading

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Mini berry pavlovas with mascarpone cream

I know many Singaporeans are not very fond of meringues because they think of meringues as overly sweet blobs of baked egg whites. I can see where they are coming from especially if they are trying to eat a 5-inch … Continue reading

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Summer baby gem lettuce salad with orange maple vinaigrette

I generally don’t limit myself to certain food groups or try to go on a all-protein, no carbs diet, or any other diet fads. While it may work for others, it would fail miserably on me. I love my food … Continue reading

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Blueberry lattice pie

  Who can say no to a berry pie? I know I can’t –  especially once I take a whiff of that intoxicating aroma while it is still in the oven. I love the summer berry season and even in … Continue reading

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