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Lemon rosemary bundt cake

I have always admired bundt cakes . It is by far the simplest way of making a cake look fancier than it really is. Strangely though, I have only acquired my first bundt mould recently. I guess it just falls … Continue reading

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Chocolate mendiants: How to temper chocolate

Even though chocolate mendiants are reminiscent of Christmas, I don’t see why we can’t indulge on them throughout the year. Mendiants translates to “beggar” in the French language. However, there is nothing meager or impoverished about these chocolate discs  studded … Continue reading

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The end and the beginning: NYE’s barbecue

2011 came and gone just like the wind. The year slipped away quietly with rounds of mindless eating and celebrations for me. But then I love any reason that calls for gatherings surrounded with food and company! I’m sure many … Continue reading

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Smells like Christmas: Rosemary sablés

December draws the year to a close on a sweet note. Christmas is a season that presents you a golden ticket into a Willy Wonka-like world of delectable treats; new and imaginative flavours of Bûche de Noël, milk chocolate pralines … Continue reading

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Tart tartin

I’ve been a huge fan of Masterchef Australia since its first season. The first season was aired while I was still in Sydney. My school mates and I were hooked to the show and I remember streaming the episodes on … Continue reading

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