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Not quite your usual lemon meringue tart

  Just last weekend, I’ve put together a plated lemon meringue dessert. It is a familiar  flavour of lemon and meringue but not in its typical form that I’m used to making. This was born because I was trying to … Continue reading

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Lemon olive oil cake

As some of you might know, I’ll be heading for a trip to Italy soon. You can be sure that I’m counting down to that. One of the places that I’ll be visiting is the Amalfi coast. When I think … Continue reading

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Lemon rosemary bundt cake

I have always admired bundt cakes . It is by far the simplest way of making a cake look fancier than it really is. Strangely though, I have only acquired my first bundt mould recently. I guess it just falls … Continue reading

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Post-election celebrations: feast(ing) and lemon meringue tarts

Saturday morning, 7 May 2011, marks a significant day in Singapore politics. It is the country’s polling day, a day that comes once every five years. More importantly, it is the first time many Singaporeans actually get to cast their … Continue reading

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