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Japanese inspired quinoa salad with soy sauce vinaigrette dressing

I’m going to let you in on my tiny secret; I have kept this recipe from all of you for far too long and good things are meant to be shared. This is the BEST quinoa salad ever. If you … Continue reading

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Cherry tomatoes, shallots & basil quinoa salad

I’ve been smitten with quinoa lately. This super-food has been quietly sneaking its way on my plate in the form of salads and desserts like the strawberry rhubarb compote with quinoa crumble I made the other day. I know I’m … Continue reading

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Gougères, French cheese puffs

Gougères are traditionally French cheese pâte à choux, savoury ones so to speak. While I tend to favour the sweeter variety of choux (like choux à la crème), I have taken a recent liking to these bite-sized savoury ones so … Continue reading

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Caramelised onions and blue cheese tart

A random trip out for ice-cream and waffles saw me going home with a three kilogram sack of red onions. I was full and happy after I stepped out of the ice-cream parlor and then something red caught my attention. … Continue reading

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My summer fling with Vietnam

*Warning: This is going to be a photo heavy post! I apologise for being away from blogging for so long. Thanks for being patient with me. I’m back from Vietnam (Hanoi, Sapa and Halong bay) for a couple weeks now. … Continue reading

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