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Rose macarons

I’ve never been a huge fan of rose but I’m beginning to love the its delicate and subtle flavour more and more. I have never picked a rose macaron if I had to choose just one or two from a … Continue reading

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Valentine’s day rose macarons

Hi everyone, Happy  Valentine’s day! I’ve made some rose macarons for this special day. Will be sharing the recipe later. Hope all of you are having a very love(ly) day! Enjoy your weekends! x, jo

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Lemon macarons

There are few pantry staples that I think everyone should have. I think that lemons are high on that list. They keep (relatively) well in the fridge and they do make both savoury and sweet dishes taste better. Many savoury … Continue reading

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Red velvet macarons

We went through a bout of rain and that has hold off my macaron-making for much longer time than I would have liked. You know how much macarons can be so sensitive to the humidity that comes along with the … Continue reading

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Candy cane macarons

I love the red and white striped candy canes; those are my favourite candy over the Christmas season because I like how pretty they look, though you probably wouldn’t catch me eating one. I don’t recall ever finishing a candy … Continue reading

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