Walnut tarts

walnut tartlets cover

This one is for everyone who loves nuts and tarts.

It was not too long ago that J was in Brisbane and bought me a huge bag of walnuts. They were still lying around even after making my favourite homemade granola so they found their way into these tartlets.

Its intense, sweet, slightly chewy caramelized filling is perfect with the walnuts. If only, I had been more generous with the nuts…Its base is a simple sweet dough pastry (pâte sucrée)  that is buttery and crumbly.

The filling is terribly easy to put together – all you need to do is to measure all the ingredients and whisk together until incorporated.

I especially love digging into them while they are still slightly warm. And being a nut and tart lover, it was hard for me to stop. 

The next time I’m making it, I would definitely be baking these for a little longer. Mine are slightly too pale. I think they  can do with a bit more baking time to get its distinctive golden brown colour.

Also, I would definitely be doubling the recipe so there’ll be enough to go around.

walnut tartlet 2

Recipe: Walnut tartlets
Nut filling is enough for about 12 tartlets

These walnut tartlets are delicious and easy to make. It uses a pâte sucrée base that is blind-baked before pouring in the sticky filling and the nuts. Take note not to overfill these tartlets with the filling or they will bubble over and create a huge sticky mess on your baking tray. This fillling also works great with pecans.

Ingredients for the nut filling:
27g unsalted butter, melted
27g dark brown sugar
14g granulated sugar
155ml honey
114ml  glucose
13g egg yolk
110g egg (approximately 2 small eggs)
20g plain flour, sifted

*Tip: use a wet spoon to scoop out the glucose.

1. Melt butter over low heat (or microwave).
2. Whisk together all the ingredients until just combined.
3. Transfer mixture into a measuring cup and pour filling into blind-baked tartlets and top with walnuts/pecans. Do not overfill the tartlets. Also, it is a good idea to line your baking tray with baking parchment just in case the filling bubble and spill over.
4. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees celcius for about 10 – 12 minutes until the filling turns golden brown and start to bubble.
5. Allow tarts to cool on cooling rack before serving. Dust with confectioner’s sugar (icing sugar) if you like.

walnut tartlet


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11 Responses to Walnut tarts

  1. pattyabr says:

    lovely pictures. my son just landed in Brisbane going home to the small town he lives in Queensland. How coincidental you post about nuts, tarts and Brisbane today.

  2. Well, I love tarts and I AM a nut, so I guess that counts? 😉 Seriously though, these sound wonderful… I just adore that chewy texture you’ve described, and I can practically taste it through those photos.

  3. I am a huge nut fan my friend, this tart looks absolutely delicious 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. I love your little mini walnut tarts but those spoons are great. Love those!

  5. There’s nothing like the crunch and taste of a walnut, I love buying them in halves instead of pieces.. just look at your beautiful tarts, they’re a work of art and I think they must have been so yummy too!

  6. I can just tell how lovely the texture of these tarts would be! I love nuts in desserts-they add such a nice flavour and crunch 😀

  7. trixpin says:

    Cute! I love the look of these 🙂

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