My Ceylon adventure Part III: Galle and Bentota

Galle old town

Feeling rejuvenated by our quiet walks in the Hill country, we headed towards the Southern coast of the island. The scenery changed from the greens and browns to the sparkling shades of blues as we drove by coastal towns.

We stopped by Weligama bay to catch the stilt fishermen in action. This is a unique sight to Sri Lanka. The Sinhalese stilt fishermen cast their fishing line while standing on a cross bar tied to a vertical pole.

stilt fishermen wellingama bay

By the time we arrived in Galle, it was mid-day. Lunch of rice and curry was served in the second floor of a terraced restaurant that overlooked the ramparts of the fort. That was our first sight of Galle and we loved it!

There is not much ‘sights’ to cover in Galle – the only one being the Dutch fortifications and ramparts facing the open ocean. The walk along the fort is beautiful; you will meet many locals who are taking their evening strolls or jogs, couples finding a clandestine spot under shade, and little children playing cricket on an open field. A warm and friendly native spotted us taking photos and stopped to have a chat with us about his love for his town.

Galle fort

Galle fort and waters

The charisma of Galle only emerges when you wander aimlessly along the narrow lanes of the own town lined with little shops, old churches, art galleries that still oozes its colonial charm. The town is very small and don’t worry yourself with a map and just get lost in the moments of everyday life in Galle.

Ceylon poster Galle

In the evening, we headed to Galle Fort hotel for a drink at its beautiful veranda. It is a good place to recline back from the day’s heat and people watch. We wanted to have dinner there but it was fully booked for the night that we were there. It is best to make reservations for dinner especially if you don’t want to be disappointed.

street lamp galle

Bentota, A beach paradise on the Western coast

bentota beach

The trip rounded up in Bentota quite spectacularly, our secluded beach paradise for the last three days. I can’t quite exclaim how glad I was to end the trip with a relaxing beach vacation. After days of walking and trekking in the hot sun, it was time to be a beach bum.

We also made sure that we ended the trip with a big bang so we booked our stay at The Villa, Paradise Road, our most luxurious stay in Sri Lanka. It is a beautifully designed boutique property with 15 rooms and suites. A lot of attention is given to its décor which was stylish and immaculate. It was like being on paradise.

The villa bentota

We were glad that we picked Bentota out of all the other beach towns on Sri Lanka’s Western coast. We wanted something low-key and quiet and Bentota offered just that. It is no party town and there are no tourist restaurants or shops along the beach.

The best part of the villa is that it is right along the quiet, almost secluded stretch of Bentota beach (you just need to cross over a rail track). We spent our mornings by the beach walking along the soft, white sand and picking up sea shells, our afternoons by the beautiful pool at the resort, the evening back at the beach catching the most glorious colours of the setting sun.

When it was time to bid goodbye to this little paradise, I was far too reluctant to leave. However, I  know that the the beauty that I’ve seen on this paradise have left a resounding imprint in me…

“The echoes of beauty you’ve seen transpire, Resound through dying coals of a campfire.”  – Ernest Hemingway

sunset on bentota beach

Travel shortcuts

The Villa, Paradise Road, Bentota
138/18 Galle Road, Bentota, Sri Lanka
Tel: +94 34 227 5311


Galle fort and ramparts
Perfect time to go is in the mornings when it is low tide and you can see how clear the waters are. You can spend an hour or two just wandering around the fort.

Old town
Spending half a day wandering through narrow lanes in the old town is the best way to see Galle.

Galle Fort Hotel
Beautifully restored hotel. Stay here or enjoy drinks at the verandah. Great way to wind down the day and people watch


Bentota beach
The quiet end of Bentota beach is where Paradise Road, The Villa and Club Villa is situated. The other end has more hotels/resorts and hence it sees more crowds.


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14 Responses to My Ceylon adventure Part III: Galle and Bentota

  1. I felt like I was seeing the beauty for myself with you, your trip gets better and better!

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. pattyabr says:

    wish I was there

  3. Jo, your pictures really speak a thousand words. I’m dying to visit here now!! 😀

  4. Oh my goodness. Look at those beautiful blue skies. What a fantastic journey. My favorite picture is of you in the sunset in the yoga pose. Take care, BAM

  5. That beach scene is just so perfect and beautiful, it’s simply unreal. It looks too idyllic to exist in real life, more like a lovely dream or a painting than a photo.

  6. It’s lucky you went there last, you might never have left otherwise! You have definitely made me want to visit, great posts, thank you.

  7. Jacquie says:

    Hi! Loved the blog post! We are doing pretty much the same thing later in the year. Very inspiring!
    Can you tell me if the Galle Fort Hotel for dinner is THE place to go for dinner? Would you/could you have sunset drinks from there and look over the water? If so, I’m going to make a booking now! 🙂

  8. Hi Jacquie,

    Great to hear that you will be heading to Sri Lanka later in the year. I didn’t manage to get a table at the Galle Fort Hotel so I cannot comment on the food. But our intentions were to have dinner there but when we tried to make reservations on the day itself, it was already fully booked! The food sounds good though.

    We went to have drinks there. It doesn’t overlook the water as it is situated on one of the inner lanes but it’s a nice atmospheric bar in a colonial setting.

    Have a wonderful time there!

  9. The Red Fort says:

    the fort protected Galle from the tsunami in 2004. While surrounding areas like Unawatuna were ravaged by the tsunami, Galle escaped with only minor damage.

  10. Kara says:

    Hi there Jo,
    I’m getting so excited about our upcoming trip to Sri Lanka. Your blog has really made my husband and I even more stoked. Just wanted to know if you ate in any local places and if so, where would you recommend? We going there for 10-14 days, not interested in partying it up but rather being one with the locals and get involved in some history and nature – where would you recommend going to?
    Many thanks for all your help.

  11. Loved the vivid description and beautiful pictures.

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